For Richer or Poorer is a body of work that explores the personal/private opinions which underscore our public attitudes concerning issues of wealth and poverty.

Questions concerning equity and inequality have come into sharp relief since the great recession of 2008. In Europe as in other Western countries, the response to the great recession, has been not to curtail those wedded to neo-liberal policies but to assign blame to the poor and the marginalised. In the West this has resulted in a sustained winding back of various programs designed to protect those most disenfranchised.

Rather than directly critiquing these views I instead use text in this work to present the private musings that lie beneath these opinions. In effect the images in For Richer or Poorer read like a series of intimate statements torn out from someone’s diary.

The images draw upon an abstract aesthetic, one that looks to convey a certain quality of visual beauty or pleasure. This aesthetic beauty is juxtaposed by the text written into each image. The discord between text and image in the work mirrors in a sense the gulf between the public and private views concerning issues of wealth and poverty, the gulf in effect, that exists between the promise and allure of late capitalism and its ugly, violent reality.